EMC Department of Nephrology is well equipped to diagnose and treat primary or secondary kidney disease, electrolyte disorders, hypertension, CKD2-5 and provide medical solutions to those requiring kidney replacement therapies such as dialysis and kidney transplantation. Each year the department performs more than 10,000 dialysis procedures and treats numerous patients suffering from end-stage renal failure and kidney issues.

We offer intensive kidney care with the latest technologies assisted with a range of management, diagnostic and operative services. With our integrated and expert team of doctors, EMC hospitals successfully tackle every renal disorder, whether the patient is at its initial stage or at the end stage of renal dysfunction.

EMC Department of Nephrology is an integrated department of nephrologists that are supported by specialists of various specialities to provide comprehensive care – heart disease (cardiologists) and hormone/glandular disease (endocrinologists).

EMC Department of Nephrology specialises in providing treatment and management of Renal parenchymal disease, Diabetic nephropathy, Polycystic kidney disease, and other inherited renal disease, Kidney stones, Reflux and obstructive nephropathies, Chronic kidney failure and Urinary tract neoplasms to list a few.

Dr.Harsharan Kaur

MD Medicine , Fellowship in Nephrology Director Nephrology Depit


Advanced Medical Technologies

EMC Hospital has the most advanced technology which assists our doctors to reach an accurate diagnosis and carry out precise, safe and cutting edge minimally invasive surgical/interventional procedures.