Warning Signs of Lung Disease You Must Not Ignore

Contrary to most believers, lung disease can affect everyone and anyone and not only smokers or industrial workers. Recent studies suggest that respiratory diseases are the leading cause of fatalities worldwide.

However, the matter of concern for doctors and people is that the signs and symptoms of lung disease can easily go undetectable. Therefore, the delay in diagnosis eventually deteriorates the patient’s health and makes him prone to severe risks. 

So, to not make your lungs home for lung diseases, know the signs of lung diseases and get them treated as early as possible to restore your health. 

What are the types of lung disease?

When the functionality of the lungs gets hampered, the person is considered to have lung disease.

Lung diseases can be classified into three categories, which include

When the oxygen-carrying tubes get affected it leads to their blockage; the disease is known as airway disease.

The diseases that affect the structure of tissue fall in this category. Inflammation and scarring are signs of lung tissue damage. 

Clotting, inflammation, and scarring in the blood vessels indicate the presence of lung circulation disease. Due to this lung disease, the lungs tend to struggle to perform the respiration process accurately.

The common lung diseases –


Warning signs of lung disease

The signs that you have a lung disease can be easily overlooked. However, if you know the symptoms of lung disease, you will be able to catch the lung disease at the initial stages and get timely treatment.

If you observe any of the following symptoms, immediately book an appointment with a lung specialist:

If you have a prolonged cough that lasts for more than a month, it indicates that your lungs are struggling with an issue. Another red flag is when blood accompanies the cough, and it is high time you visit the lung specialist immediately without any further delay. Chronic cough is an early sign and can be an indicator of lung diseases like chronic bronchitis, TB, or emphysema, Bronchiectasis, ABPA, Cancer.

Another warning sign of lung disease is wheezing, due to which breathing becomes a terrible struggle. It happens due to the blockage of the lungs, which results in shortness of breath. The condition tends to get worse due to smoking, rigorous exercise, or allergies. Wheezing is the alarm raiser for asthma, COPD, and other lung diseases. 

Mucus, also known as phlegm, is produced by airways to protect the lungs from seizing the dust and dirt inhaled. Therefore, this makes mucus essential for keeping the lungs healthy. However, when the mucus production remains longer than usual, it is high time you rush to the healthcare provider. According to expert cancer specialists, chronic mucus is a clear sign of lung disease. Ignoring it can put you in severe danger.

Chest pain is commonly associated with cardiac disorders. But, it is not true in every case, because for some it is a warning sign of chronic lung disease. So, if you suffer from prolonged chest pain or have a feeling of tightness in the chest, consult the lung specialist immediately. Regardless of the underlying reason, chest pain needs to be addressed as early as possible.

If you notice a sudden change in your voice, like hoarseness that tends to remain longer, consult the doctor. It may be happening due to a lung infection that needs to be addressed immediately. For instance, people with COPD struggle to hold the air in their lungs, which leads to their voice changes. Thus, don’t ignore this red flag of voice change.

Recent studies suggest that 40% to 70% of people suffering from COPD experience massive weight loss. The sudden dropping weight can be a sign of chronic lung disease. Therefore, if your weight is unexpectedly decreasing, get medical assistance as early as possible. 

How to keep your lungs healthy?

Like any other human body part, lungs age with time, and it is critically essential to keep them healthy. A good healthy routine is all it takes to keep lung functionality on track.

Take the following measures to keep your lungs healthy –

Not only smoking stands to be the leading cause of lung cancer, but it is also linked to COPD, asthma, and several other lung disorders. Over time, smoking completely damages lung tissues.

Regardless of how long you have been a smoker, quitting will always help. Within a year of quitting smoking, your lung functionality improves extensively, reducing the risk of chronic lung diseases to half. 

Physical exercise is a step of benefit for every body part, including the lungs and heart. If the gym is not your cup of tea, a walk or yoga may do the needful. Stay active and stay fit to keep your lungs healthy. Also, exercising is beneficial in restricting the symptoms of lung disease from getting worse.

The symptoms of lung diseases can go unnoticed easily. Therefore, getting regular medical checkups even if you feel well can help you detect lung disease at its initial stages. Your healthcare provider can then provide substantial treatment. 

Chemicals and smoke at home or workplace play a significant part in worsening one’s lung disease. Therefore, avoid such places where the inhalation of pollutants can cause you severe damage. 

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Now that you know the red flags of housing a lung disease, you must not ignore any of the signs mentioned above. The moment you discover any unusual symptoms, immediately consult the lung specialist, else your complications may get worsen. 

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