Mr. Pawan Arora



Mr. Pawan Arora, Chairman EMC Group is a Businessman and entrepreneur who founded the first corporate chain of hospitals in Amritsar – the EMC Group of Hospitals. He revolutionized the health care scenario of Amritsar and inspired others to follow suit. Today, Amritsar is competing with other cities as it has over 100 hospitals. The dream of making class medical facilities in Amritsar spurred him to set up the EMC hospital in Amritsar in 2003 at a time when private healthcare institutions were out of reach for Walled city people. The new hospital attracted the best medical talent.

Starting from a 55-bedded in 2003, the group has, over the past years, continuously excelled and maintained leadership in medical innovation, Class clinical services and cutting edge technology. With a network of over 250+ beds across 3 hospitals at culturally diverse locations in Amritsar, having over 60 top classes Super Speciality Doctors & Surgeons & a total employee strength of more than 600 professionals, the EMC Group is one of the largest hospital groups in Punjab, being consistently ranked amongst the best hospitals for advanced medical services. These hospitals have served over 35000 patients & are training new talents having the prestigious NBE (National Boards of Examination) DNB teaching accreditation.

Mrs. Meenu Arora


Mrs. Meenu Arora, director EMC Group wife of Mr. Pawan Arora worked really hard joining shoulders to shoulders to fulfill Mr. Arora’s dream of providing international standards of healthcare facilities not only to the walled city people but making it available to people of all standards and walk of life. This was soon followed by commissioning of two more Tertiary care centers in Amritsar.

Together Mr. Pawan Arora & Mrs. Meenu Arora did set a precedent for corporate healthcare in the state. Mrs. Meenu Arora is handling all the accounts and audit related work at EMC Group, Many department decisions are made with her expertise.