Mr. Pawan Arora


EMC Chairman Message

Being the chairman of EMC Group and with my experience as a businessman and an entrepreneur, I accomplished my dream of laying the foundation of the first corporate chain of hospitals in Amritsar – the EMC Group of Hospitals. My hard work paid off by revolutionizing the healthcare scenario of Amritsar and inspiring others to be a forerunner in the healthcare industry.

Our unstinting focus on the dream of facilitating world-class medical facilities spurred us to set up the EMC hospital in Amritsar in 2003 at a time when private healthcare institutions were out of reach for walled city people.

Starting from a 55-bedded in 2003, the EMC group of hospitals has strived hard over the past years, to have a robust presence across the healthcare ecosystem. With our persistent clinical excellence, cutting edge technology, medical innovations, and seamless healthcare delivery, EMC has been acclaimed for pioneering the healthcare revolution in Amritsar.

With a network of over 250+ beds across three hospitals at culturally diverse locations in Amritsar, standing lavishly, EMC group of hospitals are the epitome of quality medical infrastructure and healthcare facilities. The cornerstones of EMC hospitals include prominent clinical services, affordable costs, modern technology, and patient-friendly environment.

With over 60 highly proficient and experienced super-Speciality doctors, surgeons & the assistant medical staff, EMC is a family of more than 600 professionals making us one of the largest hospital groups in Punjab.

We have embraced the rapid advancement in medical science and have leveraged technology to provide dedicated healthcare services seamlessly.

The EMC group of hospitals’ expertise in the spirit of leadership and with the responsibility of keeping India healthy have successfully served more than 35,000 patients and trained new budding talents having the prestigious NBE (National Boards of Examination) DNB teaching accreditation.

Mrs. Meenu Arora


EMC Director Message

Being the director of EMC Group and wife of Mr. Pawan Arora, we both have envisioned making India a healthier place by laying the foundation of a strong & committed health care unit.

With the combination of proficient doctors and state of the art technology, we accomplished to pioneer the private healthcare revolution in Amritsar. This was soon followed by the commissioning of two more tertiary care centres in Amritsar.

Being responsible for handling all the accounts and audit-related work at EMC Group, my strength and belief is to derive our team’s proven ability to leverage the healthcare industry in Amritsar.

With clinical excellence, modern technology, expert staff and unstinting focus, EMC embraces the responsibility of serving patients with high-quality medical facilities. With pride and determination, the EMC group of hospitals are all set to become the foremost healthcare facility in India.

Dr. Rajinder Singh

Medical Superintendent,
EMC Super Speciality Hospital,
Green Avenue, Amritsar

Dr. Rajinder Singh(Medical Superintendent)

A warm welcome from EMC Group of Hospitals!

As I turn back the pages of history to see the thousands of smiling faces at EMC Super Speciality Hospitals, Green Avenue, Amritsar, it is my privilege and pleasure to be the Medical Superintendent of this prestigious hospital.

I understand that this hospital adheres to “Total Patient Experience”, a key concept that sustains our development. We strive hard to provide and deliver quality medical care and services by using cutting edge technology backed by well trained and dedicated hospital staff.

An encouraging factor is that people from neighboring districts visit us for medical care. Our aim is to make one of best hospitals for patients and to produce doctors with value based with knowledge and skills.

I take great pride in providing the best quality health services to the masses through EMC Super Speciality Hospitals.

Wishing you good health at all times.

Dr. Pankaj Soni,

Admin Medical Superintendent,
EMC Super Speciality Hospital,
Green Avenue, Amritsar

Dr. Pankaj Soni (Admin Medical Superintendent)

It's a privilege and an honour to be appointed Admin Medical Superintendent of this esteemed Hospital "EMC Super Speciality Hospital". I understand that this Hospital is a great step forward in bringing quality health services to the community. Over the years, the hospital has grown by leaps and bounds.

The facilities available at EMC Super Speciality Hospital provides high quotient QUALITY health care and commitment and the same are backed by well trained & dedicated hospital staff. We do our best to give medical, surgical and nursing care & advice to each of our patients in an ethical atmosphere of compassion.

We also offer highly supported services ranging from basic life support to Super Speciality care to all sections of the society of Punjab. We have approachable atmosphere and a perfect ambience for health care personal. The services provided by the doctors and the staff to the hospital towards the sick and the needy are highly commendable

It's a challenge to keep pace with the fast growing technology and rapid advancement in Health Care. The challenge is well accepted to provide quality health care while retaining the values amongst our committed Medical, Nursing and Paramedical Staff. We will continue to strive for excellence and any contribution made would help the humanity.

Dr. A.P. Singh,

Advisory Medical Superintendent,
EMC Super Speciality Hospital,
Green Avenue, Amritsar

Dr. A.P. Singh( Advisory Medical Superintendent)

It is my privilege and pleasure to be the Advisory Medical Superintendent of EMC Super Speciality Hospital, Green Avenue, Amritsar. It is 200 bedded NABH accredited hospital in Punjab. The hospital is structured with all the required clinical departments with round the clock service of OPDs, IPDs, and OTs etc with highest accreditation standards in Structural and administrative operating procedures.

Our strength lies in a team of highly qualified and experienced dedicated consultants, supported by equally dedicated medical and paramedical staff. Keeping pace with current trends in healthcare, we strive to provide quality medical care by continuous updated skills and knowledge, what encourages us further is that the people from all over the Punjab visit us for health care, medical care and anticipate cure for their sufferings.

We feel proud to be successful in the management of several difficultly manageable clinical conditions with simple and economic measure.

EMC Super Speciality Hospital is led by a humble, benevolent and visionary management which believes and deliver of high quality healthcare services to all sections of society.

The EMC Super Speciality Hospital addresses the ever growing demand for quality health care. I as an Advisory Medical Superintendent feel sense of fulfillment noting that its services are reaching and helping the needy segments of the population throughout the Punjab.