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Mr. Pawan Arora - Chairman of EMC Hospital

Mr. Pawan Arora

Chairman of EMC Group of Hospital

Mr Pawan Arora is the visionary founder and chairman of EMC Group of Hospitals and a towering figure in the city of Amritsar. A distinguished entrepreneur, he is duly credited with revolutionising medical care in the region with the establishment of Amritsar’s first corporate chain of hospitals. Mr Arora’s commitment for excellence and the dedication for community service have been instrumental in shaping the ethos of the group since its inception in 2003, when the inaugural branch of EMC Hospital became the pioneering private hospital within the walled city. Under his astute guidance over two decades, the EMC Group of Hospitals has become a prestigious entity in Punjab, being synonymous with cutting-edge medical care and unparalleled patient service.

Mr Arora has earned many awards and accolades, both in the fields of business and healthcare, but he considers the countless blessings of the community he serves as his biggest blessing and motivation. With an unflinching faith in the Almighty, Mr. Pawan Arora continues to be an inspiration for all entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals, thus cementing his legacy of excellence and compassion

Mrs. Meenu Arora

Managing Director

Mrs Meenu Arora stands as a pillar of strength and dedication as the esteemed Managing Director of the EMC Group. Complementing her husband’s visionary leadership, Mrs Arora has played an integral role in realising their shared dream of revolutionising healthcare in Amritsar. She has tirelessly contributed to the establishment of international standards of medical care, ensuring accessibility to people from all walks of life. With her adept management skills, Mrs Arora oversees critical aspects of the organisation, particularly in accounts and audit-related matters, thus contributing significantly to the seamless functioning of the group. Together with her husband, she has spearheaded the expansion of the EMC Group, orchestrating the establishment of multiple tertiary care centres in the Punjab.

Mrs Meenu Arora’s commitment to the group and her unwavering support for her husband’s vision have earned her immense admiration and respect within the community. Her dedication to providing unparalleled healthcare services underscores the duo’s collective mission to uplift and empower the lives of individuals across Punjab.


Dr. Rishab Arora

Director of EMC Group of Hospitals

Dr Rishab Arora is a first-generation medical doctor who is ably carrying forward and leading the EMC Group empire with commitment and compassion. He acquired his MBBS degree from MM Medical College, Mullana, following which he earned the prestigious FCCS (USA) certification. Today, as the young leader of the esteemed EMC Group, he splits his time equally between his managerial role and medical practice, though he has admitted to finding the latter more fulfilling.

Driven by profound devotion to serve the community, Dr Rishab has pursued a rigorous education in medicine, honing his skills to carry forward the legacy entrusted to him. Combining clinical proficiency with a deep-rooted sense of empathy, he epitomises a modern healthcare leader – one who not only seeks advancement but also embraces the traditional doctor-patient relationships. The group has expanded significantly under his charge, adding three new hospital units in two different cities. As he continues to steer the organisation to newer heights, Dr Rishab stands poised to leave an indelible mark on the healthcare landscape in the country.

Mrs. Samiksha Arora - Director EMC Group of Hospitals

Mrs. Samiksha Arora

Director of EMC Group of Hospitals

Dr Samiksha Arora stands at the forefront of a transformative era in healthcare as the dynamic young director at EMC Group of Hospitals. Already a renowned name in India’s Artificial Intelligence landscape, with prior experience of working on the national AI project, she is now spearheading a technological revolution within EMC Group of Hospitals. Her principal focus area is to leverage cutting-edge advancements to enhance patient care and operational efficiency. Her core belief is that patients deserve personalised and empathetic care at every touchpoint, and she works diligently to integrate this principle seamlessly into the EMC ethos. 

Besides her management-level duties, Dr Samiksha is passionately invested in patient welfare and feedback. Her forward-looking and receptive approach, which prioritises the human aspect of medicine, has led to a significant rise in the levels of patient satisfaction at EMC Group of hospitals. Dr Samiksha Arora exemplifies a modern, solution-driven approach to healthcare leadership, driving EMC Group of Hospitals towards a future where technology and compassion intersect to redefine the standards of patient care.

Dr. Sourab Arora

Director of EMC Group of Hospitals

Dr Sourab Arora emerges as a dynamic force within the EMC Group of Hospitals, assuming the role of a young and vivacious director. Currently pursuing MD Medicine at DY Patil, Navi Mumbai, his dedication to advancing medical knowledge mirrors his commitment to enhancing healthcare standards. Despite his youthful stature, Dr Arora exudes a profound understanding of healthcare intricacies, fueling his aspirations to contribute significantly to the field. With an innate passion for patient-centric care and a thirst for knowledge, Dr Arora embodies the ethos of excellence that defines the EMC Group. His open-minded approach and innovative mindset are poised to shape the future trajectory of the institution, ensuring it remains at the forefront of medical innovation.

As a leader in the making, Dr Sourab Arora represents the next generation of healthcare professionals, poised to make a lasting impact on the industry. His journey exemplifies a blend of academic prowess, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, promising a future where healthcare reaches new heights under his guidance.

Why Choose EMC

There are many reasons to choose EMC as your healthcare provider of choice.
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“Our mission is to enhance health
and well-being by providing the best total healthcare.”

EMC Group of Hospitals stands tall as a distinguished chain of Super Speciality  Hospitals in Punjab, comprising a network of six hospitals across Amritsar, Gurdaspur,  and Jalandhar. Boasting a collective capacity of 700 beds, the group has established  itself as one of the best and most trusted healthcare providers in the region. 

The flagship EMC Hospital branch, located in Green Avenue, Amritsar, is a 200-bed  NABH-accredited hospital—the only one of its kind in the city. All hospitals are  empanelled with a comprehensive range of private insurances, ECHS, ESIC, Indian  Railways, FCI, BSNL, CGHS, and more, ensuring that a diverse range of patients can  access top-notch medical care. 

EMC Group takes pride in its wide spectrum of super-specialty services, ranging from  Cardiology, Nephrology and Neurosurgery to Oncology, Gastroenterology and  Orthopedics, to name a few, backed by a strong team of intensivists and anesthetists.  There is an in-house provision for all allied clinical specialities, such laboratory,  radiodiagnostics, physiotherapy, psychiatry, nutrition and blood bank. There is a daily  OPD for every speciality for patients to consult and follow-up with our doctors.  Notably, the group is known for recruiting the best medical talent and doctors from  across the country.  

The Department of Cardiology is run by three DM cardiologists and features state of-the-art facilities such as five flat-panel cath labs, color Doppler echo machines,  and TMT services. The Gastroenterology department across all EMC branches boasts  dedicated suites with the latest endoscopy facilities. The Nephrology department,  overseen by experienced DM nephrologists, operates 50 dialysis machines, offering  round-the-clock dialysis services. 

The critical care infrastructure is unparalleled, boasting the highest ICU bed count of  175, complemented by 100 ventilators and IABP machines. A dedicated critical care  team of approximately 20 consultants and medical officers ensures round-the-clock  monitoring and intervention. The hospital maintains a strong team of trained senior and junior residents, supported by skilled nursing staff, all of whom benefit from  ongoing educational programs.

Diagnostic capabilities are further enhanced with CT scan and MRI facilities, along  with a modern laboratory ensuring accurate and prompt test results. EMC Group  prioritizes patient safety through a robust infection control program, a well-equipped  CSSD department, and modern operation theatres. 

The establishment of a Patient Welfare Board underlines this commitment, with bi weekly meetings held to engage with patients’ attendants. This proactive approach  ensures open communication, addresses concerns, and fosters a supportive  environment for both patients and their families.

Recognizing the importance of comprehensive rehabilitation, EMC Group  incorporates a robust Physiotherapy Department. This dedicated unit focuses on the  physical well-being of patients, offering tailored rehabilitation programs to aid  recovery and enhance overall quality of life. 

The significance of nutrition in the healing process is acknowledged through the Diet  Department. Customized dietary plans are curated to meet the specific needs of  patients, aligning with their medical conditions and treatment regimens. 

Innovating the pharmacy experience, EMC Group implements an efficient online  pharmacy system, delivering medications directly to patient rooms. This streamlined  approach minimizes wait times and ensures timely access to prescribed medications. 

Emphasizing personalized care, EMC Group establishes a board for daily sick patient  counselling, with a special focus on ICU patients. This initiative facilitates regular  communication between the treating consultants and attendants, ensuring full  transparency and patient satisfaction. 

Each consultant at EMC Group is supported by a dedicated coordinator, streamlining  the patient care process and providing a single point of contact for both patients and  their families. This personalized approach enhances communication, coordination,  and overall patient satisfaction. 

A Critical Alert Board is a testament to EMC Group’s commitment to timely  intervention and patient safety. This board ensures that critical information is  communicated efficiently across the healthcare team, facilitating quick response to  emergencies. 

Infection control is paramount at EMC Group, with a dedicated department  overseeing hygiene practices in every facet of patient care. The hospital fosters a  culture of infection control in every department, emphasizing the importance of  maintaining a clean and safe environment for both patients and healthcare  professionals. 

In conclusion, EMC Group of Hospitals sets a benchmark for comprehensive  healthcare, integrating medical expertise with a patient-centric approach. EMC Group  prioritizes the well-being of individuals and fosters an environment of trust and care.