Best Critical Trauma Care Centre in Amritsar

The critical care unit of the hospital deals with the patients that are suffering from sudden and potentially life-threatening injuries and diseases. Any person who has met with an accident, or needs immediate surgical treatments, suffering from infections or coma are admitted to the critical care unit of the hospitals. The Department of Critical Care Medicines is one of the leading critical care units in Amritsar, located on the 3rd floor of EMC Hospital, well equipped with 50 beds. Our specialist areas of intensive care include neurosurgery, respiratory, gastroenterology, emergency, nephrology, orthopaedic, plastic and reconstructive surgeries, urology, general surgery, and neurological conditions. The Cardiology department of EMC hospital provides intensive care for heart and cardiothoracic surgery.

Scope of Services in Critical Care Center

  • Most Advanced critical care treatment in Amritsar
  • 24×7 Accident and trauma care
  • Poison Management
  • Pain Management
  • Special interest in Hemodynamics, Ventilation , Nutrition, Sepsis

Facilities and Technology:

  • Fully equipped 70-bedded ICU with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Closed ICU facility
  • Facilities for bedside Dialysis, Bronchoscopy, Endoscopy, Pacemaker implantation, ventilator support, echocardiography and ultrasound
  • 24×7 radiology and pathology support

Conditions Treated

  • Pre and post-operative care
  • Snake Bite, Herbicide etc

Treatment Approach

Our approach to critical care emphasizes prompt intervention, comprehensive monitoring, and personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs. We prioritize patient-centric care, ensuring that every individual receives compassionate support and attention throughout their journey to recovery. Our team of specialists collaborates closely to deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients

Department of Critical Care

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Dr. Pankaj Soni

MBBS, MD Anesthesiology


Dr. Manish Gupta

MBBS, MD, DM Critical Care

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Hospitals:
Patients admitted to our Critical Care Unit include those who have experienced accidents, require urgent surgical interventions, suffer from severe infections, or are in a state of coma. We provide specialized care for a wide range of critical conditions, ensuring that each patient receives the attention and treatment they need.  

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at EMC Hospital caters to the sickest patients requiring constant monitoring and intensive medical interventions. On the other hand, the High Dependency Unit (HDU) accommodates patients who are well enough to be treated in general wards but still require a higher level of care than what is typically provided in a standard hospital ward.

Our Critical Care Center offers specialized care in various areas including neurosurgery, respiratory medicine, gastroenterology, emergency medicine, nephrology, orthopedics, plastic and reconstructive surgeries, urology, general surgery, and neurological conditions. This breadth of expertise ensures that we can address a wide range of critical medical needs.

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