Dr. Pankaj Soni

MD, Anaesthesia Medical Director

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Dr. Himanshu Mehta

MBBS, MD(Anesthesia & Critical Care)

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Dr. Tajinder Singh

MBBS, DNB (Anaesthesia), Consultant - Anaesthesilogy

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Anaesthesia is the most crucial step for performing any surgery. It is performed to facilitate pain-free surgery, and the operation ends successfully. The anaesthetic specialists make sure that the dose of anaesthesia injected in the patient’s body is not harmful. We prioritise the patient’s safety before, during, and after the surgery.

The anaesthesia process can take either ten minutes or an hour to complete and make sure that the patient is adequately and appropriately anaesthetised before the surgery starts off.

The anaesthetic modality may be any one or a mixture of general anaesthesia, sedation, local anaesthesia or “regional anaesthesia” - where individual nerves or parts of the body are anaesthetised specifically.

To ensure the patient’s stability and comfort, an anaesthetist always remains in the operation theatre.

Once the surgery is finished, patients are transferred to the recovery Room and further monitored to ensure they are remaining stable. Patients will usually spend an hour in the recovery area prior to being returned to the ward/ CU.

Our expert doctors, Dr. Pankaj Soni & Dr. Tajinder Singh are highly experienced anaesthetists under whose supervision large numbers of successful operations have been conducted.

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MD, Anaesthesia Medical Director

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