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Dr.Pankaj Soni

MD, Anaesthesia Medical Director

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The critical care unit of the hospital deals with the patients that are suffering from sudden and potentially life-threatening injuries and diseases. Any person who has met with an accident, or needs immediate surgical treatments, suffering from infections or coma are admitted to the critical care unit of the hospitals.

Also, there exists a further division within the critical care unit that is the intensive care unit that looks after the sickest patients, and the other is a high dependency that houses the patients, which are well enough to treat in general wards.

The Department of Critical Care Medicines is one of the leading critical care units in Amritsar, located on the 3rd floor of EMC Hospital, well equipped with 50 beds.

Our specialist areas of intensive care include neurosurgery, respiratory, gastroenterology, emergency, nephrology, orthopaedic, plastic and reconstructive surgeries, urology, general surgery, and neurological conditions.

The Cardiology department of EMC hospital provides intensive care for heart and cardiothoracic surgery.

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Advanced Medical Technologies

EMC Hospital has the most advanced technology which assists our doctors to reach an accurate diagnosis and carry out precise, safe and cutting edge minimally invasive surgical/interventional procedures.