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The Department of Orthopedics at EMC Hospital deals with the diagnosis and treatment of knees, joints, hips, bones, and muscles. Our highly trained and skilled orthopedic surgeons perform surgical procedures with full efficiency and expertise. The patients can consult with orthopedic surgeons, sports doctors, rheumatologists, and general practitioners to eliminate orthopedic problems.

Some common orthopedic problems that can be easily treated at our proficient medical center are:-

  • Torn or inflamed muscles, tendons, and cartilage.
  • Fractured bones.
  • Severe osteoarthritis of the hip or knee.
  • Dislocations of joints.
  • Trapped nerves.
  • Infections in bones and joints.
  • Spine Disorders

The orthopedic surgeons usually recommend the replacement of those joints with artificial ones that have been destroyed by any disease or are worn out. These kinds of knee and joint replacement surgeries relieve pain and provide the patient a healthier life.

Also, our specialists can assess the damage around the fracture and then prescribe the best possible treatment procedure that will mend the affected area. There are cases where surgical treatments are not required depending on the medical condition of the patient. For such assistance, our medical center has highly qualified and experienced surgeons to provide a limitless life to the patient.

With years of experience in orthopedics, Dr. AJAY ABROL & DR. AMITHASH brings the best results to patients and helps them have a speedy recovery.

Scope Of Services At Ortho Hospital In Amritsar

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EMC Hospital has the most advanced technology which assists our doctors to reach an accurate diagnosis and carry out precise, safe and cutting edge minimally invasive surgical/interventional procedures.