Dr. A.S. Bhatia

Consultant Pulmonologist


Dr.Kirpal Singh

MBBS,DTCD, Pulmonologist Department of TB & Chest


Lungs Specialist in Amritsar

The Pulmonology Department is the field of science that aims to cure people suffering from lung disease and breathing problems.

Lungs play a crucial role in our body's respiratory system as they deliver oxygen into the bloodstream and remove carbon dioxide. While you breathe in, the air passes through the throat into the trachea(windpipe). The windpipe proceeds into left and right tubes, known as bronchi, that further divides into smaller and smaller tubes until the alveoli are reached.

On breathing the air in and out, the alveoli inflate and deflate, respectively. After passing through the heart, the oxygen is carried to the rest of the body from the alveoli. Carbon dioxide enters the alveoli from the bloodstream and is then breathed out of the lungs.

Our interventional team of lung specialists in Amritsar is available round the clock to help patients with the symptoms of a lungs problem, including wheezing, shortness of breath, long-term cough, blood in the cough, and regular/pleuritic chest pains. These symptoms may be alarming for a severe lung problem.

Serving the patients 24X7, Dr. Kirpal Singh Saggu is an expert and well-experienced pulmonologist. Under his guidance, the pulmonology department has successfully performed multiple surgeries and procedures and helped patients in faster recovery.

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